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Our Team


Located in Hamilton, Paragon Brokers (Bermuda) Ltd. was founded in 2003
and is a leading insurance broker focusing on healthcare, professional
liability, privacy, cyber and technology, mergers and acquisitions, financial
and commercial risks and more.

By working closely with our dedicated healthcare and life science team
in London, we have been able to successfully launch the BMPI scheme.

Since 2009, the team in London have been providing medical indemnity
to medical professionals in the UK and Ireland. They now have over
1,500 members.


Specialist medical malpractice underwriters at Allied World’s Lloyd’s syndicate are the insurers behind Paragon’s BMPI scheme.

Syndicate 2232 is managed by Allied World Managing Agency Limited, which
is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation
Authority. The Lloyd’s market is rated “A+” (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s.

Headquartered in Bermuda, Allied World has 1,400 employees in 21 offices
around the world.


A team of medical malpractice experts from Kennedys will provide a 24/7 medico-legal hotline.

With over 2,300 staff, Kennedys is a global law firm with over 60 offices, associations and co-operations worldwide working across all areas of insurance.

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